Sunday, September 25, 2011

[my beautiful friend + travel partner, Ali & I]

I have officially survived my first week in Belgium, and I must say....I am loving every minute of it! I am in awe over the age and beauty of this country and yet my travels have only begun. There is something so fascinating about adventure in new places, don't ya think?

This past week has been quite a whirlwind. I considered typing out the agenda of my travels, however, I think I will spare you the pain of reading and let you witness it from my photos below (I mean a picture is worth a thousand words, right?!).

[the cathedral of Antwerp]

[the grote square, Antwerp]

[the cathedral again]

[University of Antwerp]

[gorgeous courtyard]

[my first ever Belgium Fries + Mayo]

[chocolate sculpture]

[REAL Godiva chocolate]

[shopping, anyone?]

[miss Ali & I]


[another one of Belgium's fabulous churches]

[city hall]

[underground restaurant]

[castle in Antwerp]


[this one's for you, Jadin!]

[just a little taste of American food with Dominos]

[streets of chaos]

[port of Antwerp museum]

[capturing a view of the city]

[port of Antwerp museum + amazing architecture]

[beautiful Bruges]

[love the brickwork]

[channel along Bruges]

[senior living]

[cathedral in Bruges]

[smallest gothic window]

[Bruges = Beautiful City]

[cemetary in Damme....very different from home. You are allowed to rent your spot for 100 years, then your name is covered by another deceased and they are burried on top of you]

[boots + Belgium]

[ndsu business group]

[cherry beer = yumminess]

[us in Bruges]

[biking along the channels in Bruges]

[port of Antwerp tour]

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  1. loving the first official post! blog buddies fo life :) can't wait till next sunday when i get to read the next one hahaha